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- Sofia Khan-

“If you surrender only to truth,

You protect each tomorrow”


Journal Publications


  • Presentation at the AAPG Permian and Midland Basin New Technologies Workshop, September 5, 2014 – “Direct Reservoir Imaging”

  • Contributor on paper in GeoExPro magazine, September 2014 – “Reservoir Rocks Behaving Differently”

  • Author of paper in Oil & Gas Journal magazine, December 2014 – “Elastic nonlinearity, lower velocities add to frequency spectrum”

  • Interview by Susan Nash, AAPG, January 2015 – “Interview with Sofia Khan: Innovators in Science and Technology Series”

  • Can we use Dynamic Elastic Nonlinearity Measurements of Rocks to Map Reservoir Properties? (Oil & Gas Journal, September 10, 2001)

  • Can we use Elastic Nonlinearity Measurements of Rocks to Map Reservoir Permeability and Identify Pore Fluids? (Oil & Gas Journal, July 15, 2002)

  • Mapping Subsurface Fractures using their Elastic Nonlinear Response (Oil & Gas Journal, October 11, 2004)

  • Elastic Nonlinearity of Reservoir Rocks – A Paradigm Shift (Recorder, May 2005 – Canadian Society of Exploration Geophysicists)

  • Special Report – Nonlinear Seismic Data can Improve Hydrocarbon Recovery from Reservoirs (Oil & Gas Journal, June 5, 2006)

Patents Assigned to NSII


  • US 6,547,632 Mapping Subsurface Fractures Using Nonlinearity Measurements, approved July 2003

  • US 6,631,783 Mapping Reservoir Characteristics Using Earth’s Nonlinearity as a Seismic Attribute, approved October 2003

  • US 6,807,487 Mapping Permeable Reservoir Formations by Measuring the Elastic Nonlinear Interactions of a Seismic Wave as it Propagates through the Reservoir Rock Matrix and its Pore Fluids, approved October 2004

  • US 6,678,617 Mapping Subsurface Open Fractures using Elastically Nonlinear Interaction of Two Surface-Generated Waves, approved January 2004

  • US 6,614,717 Time-Lapse Seismic Using Nonlinear Seismic Imaging, approved September 2003

  • US 6,684,159 Mapping Subsurface Open Fractures in a Reservoir using a Surface Impulse and a Downhole Vibratory Source, approved January 2004

  • US 6,789,018 Mapping Reservoir Rocks using Frequency Spectral Broadening and the Presence of the Slow-Wave, approved September 2004

  • US 09,234,971 Direct Reservoir Signature using the Drag Wave, approved January 2016








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