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Sofia Khan

Sofia Khan is President and CEO of Nonlinear Seismic Imaging, Inc. (NSII).   Since 2001, NSII has developed and patented its cutting-edge Reservoir Characterization methodology with a strategic vision to implement this technology globally for Direct Reservoir Imaging.  Sofia possesses a passionate and committed desire to deliver innovative solutions and efficiency improvement for complex challenges in future hydrocarbon Exploration and Production (E&P). 


Nonlinear Seismic Imaging technology solves practical challenges, is cost-effective in that it requires very little additional capital, identifies and locates the reservoirs that have not been mapped, improves recovery from the existing fields, is fairly simple for its market application, and will provide results and images that illuminate only the hydrocarbons in the subsurface and not structural features.


Sofia is currently enrolled in a Master's of Jurisprudence in Energy Law program at The University of Tulsa College of Law.  She earned an Executive M.B.A. from the University of Houston; a B.A. Managerial Studies degree and Certificate of Management in Energy from Rice University, and has over twenty five years of securities and insurance experience.  She is currently an executive member of the Women’s Energy Network (WEN) and a member of the Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG).

Sofia has also written and published a book, inspired by the desire for self-discovery and change, "Re-emergence: Onto an Emotional Journey."


Revolutionary changes in science are caused by a paradigm shift or a shift in understanding.  One of such changes is nonlinear seismic imaging.  This is the technology that will enable us to directly map the oil accumulations in the subsurface.  So far the industry has found this goal to be elusive.  This patented technology was conceived using a different approach, a new scientific model that will provide a clearer, more accurate picture of the reservoir characteristics that need to be defined but currently cannot be mapped.

RE-EMERGENCE: Onto an Emotional Journey

Written about a journey of courage to forge a new path onward.  The dialog personifies a close-knit relationship with my father, and the realization of his special qualities, his genius and wisdom, over time. Our lives, at times, are difficult. Within us, internal challenges might seem impossible to overcome. Something has changed for the worse, giving a sense that this circumstance has permanently attached itself to our existence. We are overwhelmed and yearn that the beauty of life will appear. The life of each individual, organization and nation has its own unique unforeseeable events, obstacles, misfortunes, and upsets. I see a part of my experience as a universal message about our human spirit and about the way forward. 

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